Scooter Deck Review - Flavor Jasper Deck V2

On: 3 September 2017 

First things first, the Flavor Jasper V2 deck is a larger deck, 4.8 inches wide by 23 inches long!
Some people might refer to  this scooter deck as the the Jabba Wolf Deck, that’s just a nickname and the image on the deck.

A scooter deck of this size is most suitable & rides best for a bigger rider or someone who rides rails/ledges & does more technical riding. The weight of the Flavor Jasper v2 scooter deck is 1.7kg which is a little heavier than your average deck, but your average deck doesn’t come in a big & solid size like this deck. The forged headtube gives superior strength, it also allows the weight to balance out giving it a good weight to match up with the size.
Flat sides with square back dropouts allow for extra comfort while grinding rails & ledges. A fantastic upgrade on the v2 from v1 is the deck ends which will keep the back end of your deck nice & solid! 
This deck comes with the new Flavor brake & new brake system, similar to the Ethic brake system which is loved all over the world due to its simplicity and functionality.
Priced at $219 AUD, this is a phenomenal price for a deck of its kind, any deck of this sizing from another brand will be $279+.
You can pick yours up at Numfish now, available instore & online to anywhere in Australia !  

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