About Numfish Surf & Scoot

Based in Geelong with surf and scoot products available Australia-wide!

As a business, Numfish Surf & Scoot might’ve started in 2008, but a love and appreciation for surfing, Australian beaches and great quality surf products was born back when co-founder and owner Aaron was just a toddler. Growing up in Victoria, Aaron spent school holidays at Jan Juc, one of the many surf beaches located just outside Geelong.

As a toddler, Aaron would surf the waves of Jan Juc on his kids’ board – and he went on to travel Australia and the world surfing.

Seeing a need for quality boards at family-friendly price points, in 2008 Aaron, along with his wife Charlotte, started selling softboards online from their garage at home. Realising the need extended to other products, the couple opened a surf shop in Geelong in 2012 so people could buy a wider range of products in-store or online.

So where did the name “Numfish” come from? A “numbfish” is a small but dangerous type of stingray living in the ocean near North West Australia. Aaron and Charlotte liked the unique name of this fish and dropped the “b” to become Numfish Surf & Scoot.

Their product range grew from softboards to a variety of surfboards, including longboards, as well as scooters, parts and accessories such as wetsuits. Aaron and Charlotte love seeing their products being enjoyed by surfers Australia-wide. They also enjoy seeing and helping repeat customers with their choices as they graduate from a bodyboard to a soft-top surfboard and then fibreglass surfboard.

Helping children and adults, beginners and experienced surfers looking for value for money, is what makes getting out of bed and selling surf gear each day so exciting!

If you have questions for Aaron and Charlotte, don’t hesitate to contact us.