5ft10 Speedstick Surfboard Product Review

The OLI 5ft10 Speedstick is an Epoxy surfboard with Bamboo veneer on top and bottom. The bamboo looks fantastic polished up and it also provides a little extra strength to the surfboard as well because its glassed in to the structure of the board along with fiberglass and epoxy resin. The result is a light and strong surfboard. This surfboard has a thruster setup with FCS generic plugs fitted, so it gives all round performance handling and commonality for fin fitment. The ride feel for this board is great! Its fast and likes to be moved quickly down the line with big cut backs, the Vee contour through the tail helps this board want to move fast, so it’s a bit different to the feel of a modern performance shortboard. Definitely worth a try and its great value as well. Get on it !