7ft8 Speedstick Surfboard Product Review

The OLI 7ft8 Speedstick is an Epoxy surfboard with real Bamboo veneer on top and bottom. It has a retro feel about it both in looks and ride feel. Its like an amped up 1970’s surfboard with more control due to the 3 fin setup ! The black pin lines make it look like a very narrow surfboard when in fact its still 21” wide ! So its quite stable but the pointy nose shape and pin tail shape combined with the small Vee contour on the bottom through the tail section make this surfboard a fast mover so you can get big cutbacks and big sprays from turns, its like a big shortboard designed for big powerful waves. Its great value and definitely worth a spin as it could open up a new feel to your surfing that you didn’t even know about, without letting go of all the ability and style you already know.