Adults Soft Surfboard Product Review

The Numfish Rush Soft Surfboard has had only minor changes since its first appearance in 2008. Why change a good thing ? Some things remain the same because it simply makes sense for this softboard to be just what it is. So, like many people out there, you want some fun for you or your family surfing in the safest way possible. This soft Surfboard is designed to meet the requirements adults.  Its light, strong, simply shaped for ease of use in the water, comes with a leash and soft fins that are easy to replace and its available in a few colours as well ! Importantly these adult softboards are fairly basic in construction to keep costs down, but they don’t skimp on the important aspects. Such as a full layer of fiberglass and epoxy resin underneath the soft exterior, quality lamination of the soft material surface and having an undercoat layer of the soft surface, having 2 (or 3) stringers inside the surfboard core to provide decent overall strength, and providing the extra parts with the softboard that you need to actually use it in the water! Numfish have been around since 2008, and are real Australian people, so if you need spares or assistance they are only a phone call away. We are in the same country. Click here to see the Numfish Rush Soft Surfboards, buy online or call 03 5248 8822 and someone can talk to you.