Aluminium Scooter bars versus Chromoly Scooter bars?

If you’re trying to decide between either aluminium or chromoly (steel) scooter bars, it would depend of how hard of a rider you are and how you treat your scooter. Aluminium scooter bars are around 30% lighter than a chromoly scooter bar, but a chromoly scooter bar is stronger. So if you’re a bigger build, land your tricks hard or if you tend to land sketchy then a chromoly scooter bar is your better option. If you’re smaller build or rate yourself to land tricks cleanly as well as not abusing your scooter by throwing it around, then an aluminium scooter bar is a great choice because it’s lighter and will be easier to learn particular tricks and can help increase your skill level quicker. It’s best not to lie to yourself when making this choice. Take care of your scooter and be honest with yourself to make the best choice to suit you so you get the most out of the scooter bars you choose. Check out the great options at Numfish instore or online.