Are all the scooters we stock at Numfish for skatepark use?

All the two wheel scooters we stock at Numfish are great for skatepark or street use. You just need the correct scooter in order to suit your size, style, age, skills and needs.  Some of the brands we stock have an entry level, mid-range and high end off the shelf scooter options, so depending on you, we can help you to decide which scooter will be best for you. Or we can custom build you one ! Picking the correct scooter will allow you to ride skate parks or street without any hassle as long it’s treated well and not thrown around roughly. Some scooter builds will be better for skate park use than others, depending on your preferences as some are lighter and some are stronger as well. There is lots to choose from so just ask the team at Numfish for the best advice.