Can I fit Apex Bol Bars on my Sacrifice Flyte 100/115 Scooter?

A common question, and the answer is yes. However, in order for an Apex Scooter Bar to fit onto a Sacrifice Flyte scooter, you will need to get an Apex IHC-HIC Conversion shim and also washer for the screw to hold the conversion shim correctly on to the fork. The reason behind this is that the standard size bar won’t fit straight onto the original IHC shim without slamming it on with a lot of force. Which we don’t recommend as it can easily damage parts, and you also cant get it off again to adjust and maintain your scooter! We have all the products you need to do this job instore. Or we can ship the parts you need so you can do it at home. Just order online or drop in and see us at Numfish!