Can I purchase an Apex Scooter?

We get plenty of parents calling up or coming in asking if they can buy an Apex Scooter! The answer is YES, you can buy an Apex Scooter. However… it’s not an out of the box complete scooters like others. To have a complete Apex scooter, you’ll need to custom build your own from scratch which is more costly for the customer, and at this point in time hand grips and wheels are not marketed by Apex Pro Scooters. Apex makes scooter components in Australia, making them one of the top quality products available globally. The price of a custom built Apex scooter depends on which components you choose, such as compression choice and bar finish. If you choose all Apex components minus the parts they don’t actually make (grips & wheels), the cheapest you can build an Apex Complete is around AUD$840. Most parents/riders when considering this option usually will swap out a few Apex products depending on budget! If you choose an Envy AOSV4 deck over an Apex deck, your price drops down to $689, or getting a Flavor Aesthetic SCS & Animal Fork rather than Apex, it can take it down $60! Every customer has a different budget, preferences & needs, so come see us & we can help you figure out the best scooter option for you!  Either way we can help you have your dream scooter and we can make sure it’s functional and well built.