Can I put Apex bars on my existing complete scooter?

This is a very common request, and the answer is YES you can ! But be aware that sometimes it not a straight forward simple task. To put Apex Bol bars on to an existing scooter might mean that some other things might also be required to be changed or used to make it all work properly. At Numfish we can do all this and do it properly, so the scooter can function correctly and be maintained going forward.
  1. If your scooter has an SCS clamp you can simply put on a Standard or HIC Apex bolbar in to the SCS clamp and you’re done.
  2. If you have HIC and oversize clamp, again you can simply install an HIC Apex bolbar.
  3. If you have an off the shelf scooter with IHC, which is very common from brands such as Envy, Fasen, Sacrifice, and some others, you will probably be best with an HIC Apex bolbar, along with either a convertor sleeve shim and oversize double clamp.
  4. If you have ICS, you might need to change the fork, compression and Clamp setup you have entirely. Best for us to assess that setup in person.
It sounds simple enough but it can be confusing on how to make it all work in real life, so come in and see us or you’re not local then call us and we can ship what you really need to make it work the right way.