Carrying Surfboards on Roof Racks

We will all do this at some point and the more times you do the more comfortable you get in doing it proficiently. Here is a few pointers if your new to it, or even if you do it a lot its worth another opinion ! Firstly, solid fitted roof racks are far better than soft racks for carrying surfboards, as they rest on the actual paintwork of your car.  For the rare times its generally no problem, but if its going to get frequent then invest in some decent solid roof racks.  They are much safer and easier to use. Secondly, put the biggest board on first and stack them in sequence of biggest to smallest. If the fins can come off do that, if not, make sure there is clearance so surfboard fins are not clamped down damaging surfboards in the process. Use wide strapping with grippers as opposed rope or stretchy cords to tie down with. Its safer for you, the car and the boards. Lastly, don’t overload the roof racks and drive a bit slower due to the increased wind resistance.