Complete scooters and warranty - What’s covered ? What’s wear & tear?

Firstly, when you make your purchase, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT, the one that has the items listed, don’t rely on your bank statement as its not specific !!!!! Scooter manufacturers all adhere to the Australian Consumer Law with regards faulty items etc… But they also go further and provide limited warranties with some conditions. Numfish will assist customers with a warranty claims on complete scooters or components so long as you the customer can provide proof of purchase, that its within the time limit of the supplier limited warranty, and that if we believe it is a legitimate fault and not normal wear and tear or abuse. The warranty is supported by the manufacturers, not Numfish. We see a lot of scooters and know what wear and tear and normal damages versus faults. Some things will need replacement as there wear out, like grip tape, hand grips, wheel and headset bearings. If your complete scooter is not maintained well it will attract a higher level of wear and tear and will ultimately fail sooner. For specific help and advice about your pro kick complete scooter or components contact Numfish Scooters via email or phone 03 5248 8822, we build and repair 1000’s of scooters every year !