Envy Prodigy S7 Complete Scooter Overview

On: 13 January 2019 



Every year, Envy Scooters step up their game within their complete scooters & this year, is no different & is the best yet.

Let us run you through why, from the 5 new innovative colourways to the 120mm hollowcore wheels.
It’s safe to see why this scooter is a must on every kids list.
The biggest change this year, is the head tube of the deck. Taking inspiration from the popular AOSV4 Aftermarket deck with the new cutouts to reduce weight & give a fresh look.
We have the classic TPR grips on all models, ranging in a mixture of colours depending on which colourway you choose.
IHC Compression to keep this complete together, IHC has become the common compression system for all scooters across all brands, which Envy creating the design originally, which is perfect for interchangeability with other products and to easily tighten up your scooter after use.
The new range, allows up to 30mm wide wheels which is the future of scootering, giving you the option to ride every normal size wheel on this scooter, you just need to grab yourself the correct spacers. As mentioned previously, 120mm hollowcore wheels which are speaks for themselves, they’re a hollow wheel allowing them to be lighter than your average wheel.
Some of the specs on this complete are a 4.7 x 19.5 inch deck with a bar size of 24.5 tall by 22 inches wide, aiming it at any beginner to advanced rider 15 & younger.
Go to any skate park & you’re guaranteed to find kids on the Envy Prodigy Complete, don’t be the kid who doesn’t have one! 

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