Envy Scooter wheels

Envy Scooters are one of the most recognised  scooter brands in Australia and also Globally under the Blunt brand name.  Envy Scooter Wheels come in a wide range of colours and core styles, in sizes of 100mm, 110mm and 120mm. The 120mm wheel released in December 2014 with the extra 10mm diameter from the default 110mm standard that exists in Australia gives the ride a better overall feeling and gives slightly more clearance when riding, and of course they roll a bit faster as well simply because the wheel is a bit bigger. The major positives to the Envy scooter wheel range are
  • Great value for the price, and they include  bearings and spacers pre-fitted
  • Support and reputation in the very rare event there is a real issue with the wheel.
  • Options in sizes and colours to suit your personal style
Envy scooter wheels are some of the best available, and Numfish Surf and Scoot can help with them anytime.