Ethic Lindworm V3 Scooter Deck - Overview

By: Numfish   On: 1 September 2018 

Ethic Lindworm v3 Scooter Deck Overview

The latest deck coming from Ethic Scooters, the Lindworm v3 Deck.
What’s different from this to the rest? Sizing, it’s a whopping 5.5 inches wide by 21.9.
Not only is this deck big, but it’s quite lightweight for a deck of its size.
Ethic label this deck as the deck for the big boys, so it’s a perfect deck for the bigger rider or anyone wanting to step it up to a bigger sized deck.  On the subject of bigger, this deck is 12mm STD compatible.
Love to ride back pegs? This deck has curved dropouts perfect for two rear pegs, rather than boxed ends like bigger sized decks.
All in all, if you’re a bigger rider or want to try a bigger deck without the extra weight then this is for you. 

Our team rider Yuen is currently riding one & is loving it.



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