Fiberglass Surfboard Repairs

Repairs to Fiberglass surfboards such as dings, cracks through depressions, and resetting of FCS Fin Plugs are all best done by your local Surfboard shaper.  They have the skill and experience to do the job right and finish it off nicely as well. If you are local to Geelong/Bellarine/Surfcoast we can recommend some awesome shapers who are local to us to do repairs. Contact us for more information. Otherwise look local to find a shaper near you who can repair surfboards professionally. If your confident enough you can have a go at it yourself, just make sure you choose the right resin. using the wrong resin type will dissolve the core foam.  Your best bet to understand how to approach surfboard repairs yourself is to use youtube to see the many hundreds of examples. Please note that any repairs done on O.L.I surfboards are not covered under the Numfish warranty.