Flavor Awakening 4.8 Complete Scooter - Review

On: 13 July 2018 

What sets the Awakening out from the rest?
Flavor has taken some of their highest selling individual products & put it into a complete out of the box scooter.
Perfect for all styles of riding, although favours a bigger rider more as they come with Steel 650mm Revival bars which sits in a Flavor Aesthetic SCS clamp raising the bars an extra 38mm, making it the tallest out of the box complete available.

To compliment the taller bars, the Awakening deck is sized 4.8 inches wide by 21.25 inches long which is all round a bigger size, perfect for the more technical styled rider. Other upgrades on the Awakening Complete are the V2 Grips which are a thicker & softer grip than the previous model, as well as the 110mm Black/Black Awakening wheels.
You can find these in four different colourways, from the Polish Chrome, Matte Black, Metallic Black & Metallic Gold! If you’re visiting instore, you can find custom colourways made by the Numfish team.

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