Funboards and Fish surfboards, whats the difference ?

There is only a minor difference between a Fish surfboard and a Funboard surfboard. That minor difference is simply the tail shape. There are endless variations of actual board shapes but the tail shape is the only real defining feature between a Fish and Funboard.  A fish has a tail with two points, this is called a swallow tail.   A funboard usually has a squash style tail which is sort of a round tail that has been squashed upwards creating a bit of flat along the tail while still being rounded at the ends.  Assuming the rest of the board is much the same the outcome of what is being ridden and  achieved is pretty much the same, it comes down to styling really. Some like the 1970’s throwback shape outlines that use a swallow tail to small or large effect, and others don’t.   Some choose to take the practical position and prefer the squash tail to avoid the constant danger to dings and damage on the tail of a fish. The “OLI” funboards available from Numfish take the school of practicality so damage to the board is minimised irrespective of the riders skill level and whether they are new to the sport or not.  The team at Numfish think that the idea is to maximise fun and minimise hassle !