Funboards blend the best parts of shortboards and longboards and jam it together.

Longboards are typically long, wide and thick with gentle rocker. Performance Shortboards are typically short, narrow and thin with a strong rocker. Funboards are smack bang in the middle in a best attempt at hanging on to as much manoeuvrability possible from the Shortboard perspective and hanging on to as much ease of paddle and stability as possible from a longboard perspective. The result is a surfboard that is quite wide (maybe 21-23 inches) and thick (2.5 to 3 inches) but short (under 7ft) with a mid strength rocker, and there are endless variations ! What results from a riders perspective is maximum fun, hence the name – Funboard ! You will maximise the wave count and that means more riding waves, and you will find a new style of riding that is not performance riding and not longboarding, but funboarding ! Warning – once you try it you might get addicted to it so watchout !