Grip for your surfboard

The best thing about having an EVA grip at least on the tail is that you can feel the texture difference with your foot, so there is no need to look down to see where your feet are. Especially in the earlier stages of surfing this can help to avoid a lot of wipeouts from something as simple as looking down when you really don't have to.

Softboard grips

  • In early stages most people find the Polyethylene Soft surface grippy enough, but as you improve you will want more grip.  You can use wax or EVA deck grips.
  • If you use wax, use a softer wax (cold water wax) and smear it on, its easier to apply that way, you will need to reapply it as it wears off.
  • If you want to use EVA deck grips make sure the surfaces are clean before sticking on EVA deck grips (best to apply when the board is new or before any wax has been put on the board).  Don't cover over the Fin Screws as you will  need to tighten and/or replace fins at some stage. If the deck grip starts to peel off at all they can be stuck back down with some contact adhesive very easily.

Hardboard grips

  • Wax or EVA deck grips can be used.
  • Wax wears out and needs reappling. Simply rub it on all over.  Wax comes in varied hardness for cold and warmer waters - choose accordingly.
  • EVA grips work well and once on, are nice and clean and grippy.  If they start to peel off at all, they can be stuck back down with some contact adhesive very
  • easily.
  • If the board has had wax on it previously make sure all wax residue is removed before applying a deck grip, the surfaces need to be clean so adhesion is firm.