Help with Scooter Headset Installation in Geelong

Installing a Scooter Headset sounds easy enough, but there are lot of other steps to do after the headset installation to build or re-build the scooter. A non-integrated scooter headset needs to be pressed into the deck with a lot of force so it’s best to use a professional tool that presses the cups straight into the deck. (Numfish have this tool) An integrated headset which only consists of two bearings can usually be pressed in with your fingers, although some decks have a slightly different diameter so it might need a light tap with something soft that won’t damage the bearings, like a rubber mallet. Getting old scooter headsets out can be a challenge especially when they collapse and are jammed in the scooter deck. Special tools and techniques help, both of which Numfish can help with in store. That’s about it for installing the scooter headset, its after that the fun starts with the fork and compression setting, and make sure you use the headset collar so it actually works correctly. If you are in the Geelong region and need help with your scooter headset or anything scoter related, come in and see us at Numfish Surf and Scoot.  We can advise or install scooter headsets at the time of purchase, or sort you scooter out from a bunch of bits to a functioning scooter again. At least you know its all correctly assembled then too.