How Layby works at Numfish

A Layby is when you place a deposit on an item that we have in store. Numfish then hold the item/s for you until you fully pay for it. It gives the customer a way of getting the item they want with a maximum of 8 weeks free credit time !  A Layby at Numfish can last a period of up to 8 weeks and we don’t charge you any fees!  All you need to do is put a deposit of 20% on the item/s to start with, then by week 4 you must have paid at least 50% of the total amount due, then by week 8, the remaining balance is required along with collection of the item/s. Christmas Laybys are our busiest period because it enables customers to lock in the item they want early, then it can be collected the week before Christmas without any drama of missing out on the items that are really wanted. It saves people a lot of issues and rushing around in the busy lead up to Christmas, however we do offer this service ALL YEAR ROUND ! So get in early and get what you want by using our Layby service, so you don’t miss out. Come in store or call us on 03 5248 8822 to make your layby!