How pre-orders of Items work at Numfish Scooters

Pre-ordering a scooter or scooter parts at Numfish is simply committing to purchase a scooter before they’re due to come back into stock, or before they are launched.  This guarantee’s that you will have exactly what you want as soon as the item is available.  As soon as the scooter arrives in store we notify each customer with a pre order to come and collect it, or we ship them out. There are particular scooters that our customers can’t get enough of and sell out in a matter of days, or are in hot demand before they are launched.  It could be particular colourway or the brand/model itself.   So at any stage throughout the year we take pre-orders for anything that’s currently unavailable through our suppliers so you can ensure you can get one as soon as possible. The conditions to our pre-orders are very simple, we require at least a 50% payment on your item and the item will need to be collected from our store within 2 weeks of arrival. If you’re getting your item shipped to you then we ship it to you once we have it in store, Obviously complete payment is done prior to shipping out or at the time of collection. If you would like to know whether you need to pre-order something in time for Christmas, we strongly suggest contacting us as soon as possible. Pre orders form Christmas generally start filling up in October, so come instore or if you’re not local then give us a call on 03 5248 8822