How tall should my Scooter bars be?

As for anything to do with Scooters a lot of it comes down to your personal preferences !  Some riders have scooter bars as tall as their elbows and some riders like them short so they crouch over a lot. We recommend that your scooter bar height should be tall enough so your not crouching or bending over too severely as it can lead to back pains, but you do need to find a position where your bent over a little bit, with arms bend at the elbows a little so you have room to move when doing tricks, and your knees need to be bent a little bit too.  If you stand in the position described here on your scooter and rest your wrists over the bar, that is the scooter bar height give or take 100mm which is perfectly fine ! Where exactly it is for you is up to you…It is a fairly wide range that is acceptable as an OK height for your scooter bars and because you move so much when riding it will always vary. Some tricks are easier to perform with smaller or larger bars, everything is a trade off to find what works best for you.  If what you are riding with now feels awkward or is stopping you do tricks that’s when its time to adjust the height of your scooter bars. Remember if your trimming scooter bars down it will impact any warranty conditions immediately, and once its cut there is no turning back - its cut.