How to take care of your Surfboard

Caring for your surfboard is almost effortless.  The best thing you can do is get yourself a decent padded and reflective surfboard bag.  This will help to protect it from knocks and bumps, and also from heat and UV ray damage.  A single surfboard bag for a single surfboard is best.  Other simple things you can do are - rinse and dry your board off with fresh water after use and then put it away, this will minimise the damage to fins, fin screws, leashes and cords from wet salty water.  Yes, we know…. Its not always practical to do that, so at a minimum dry your surfboard off before putting it in your surfboard bag.  And lastly, remove fins if practical , especially if its going on a roof rack with other surfboards, and stuff the leash in the bag, don’t wrap it around your fins. You can get great value single surfboard bags here