How to travel with safely with your surfboard

surfboard bagTravelling in your car is the safest when you're taking one or more surfboards along for the ride! Ideally put each board in a padded surfboard bag so the board is protected from everything else in the car and then all you need to do is make sure it can't move around or slide forward when braking. Easy done! If you can't fit the surfboards in the car, roof racks will be needed. Make sure you get the correct racks for your car, and use nice wide strapping with clips to tighten the straps so you can secure the boards onto the racks effectively. It's not as safe to use elastic straps or rope as both of these are prone to coming loose while driving. It doesn't really matter if the boards are facing tail or nose forward, whatever fits nicer on your car will be fine. The main thing is that the surfboards are strapped down firmly and you double-check once done! If you are tying on multiple boards, be mindful of the fins, it can be worth taking the fins off to make it easier. Lastly, be aware of the dangers of driving when you have something tied on your roof, and remember surfboards left in direct sunlight will get damaged over time, so whenever you can make sure your board is protected from direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to heat. Surfboard bags are a great way to protect your board. Travelling with surfboards on public transport such as planes, trains and buses is a big problem, we recommend always using a padded bag and take off the fins and shoulder straps to minimise any chance of damage to your boards. Always label the bag as "FRAGILE" and lay it down so it can't fall over. Make sure there are no loose parts of the bag that could get caught on anything when being handled. Check out our range of padded surfboard bags!