How to use a Surfboard Ding Repair Kit

So you have a ding to repair on your surfboard. The good news is that dings on surfboards are relatively easy to fix and anyone can do it will a little patience. Numfish offer small repair kits for both PU and epoxy surfboards which are both quick and easy to use, they also include everything you need to fix a small ding yourself on the run, and they are only $13-$15. The first step to fixing a surfboard ding is to rinse the surfboard and ding with fresh water, then allow it to air out to evaporate as much of the salt water that has leaked in as possible. Then make sure the surface of the repair is clean and free from debris, and squeeze the resin onto the damaged area. Then use the applicator to evenly spread the resin over the ding and place it in direct sunlight to cure the resin, which is about 5 minutes. Finally take the supplied sandpaper and sand the area to remove any excess resin from the repair to achieve a clean finish. These couple of steps is really a temporary fix, if it’s a major repair, fiberglass mesh and more resin and some clever techniques will be needed. But the above job can keep you surfing until a long term repair can be completed.