How wide should my Scooter bars be?

As usual with Scooters, most of it is personal preferences, and that can be said for the scooter bar width too.  Some riders have scooter bars very narrow to smash out spin tricks, others have very wide scooter bars to smash out whip tricks you wouldn’t think was even possible !  Somewhere in the middle will be a bar size to suit your style that will allow you to do both styles of tricks well, but at a compromise of course … The rough guide we run with at Numfish Surf and Scoot is to get the best all round scooter bar width for a rider and that is to have scooter bars as close as possible to the riders shoulder width.  If you get scooter bars that are wider than your shoulders thats fine, you can always trim them down – equal amounts from both sides obviously !  But we always recommend testing for 1 week riding at least before cutting anything as you might surprise yourself when you get new bars that the extra width could be a good impact to your riding ! Remember if your trimming scooter bars down it will impact any warranty conditions immediately, and once its cut there is no turning back - its cut.