Is a round tail surfboard better than a pointed tail ?

There are about 5 or 6 shape classifications that all surfboard tail shapes can be sorted in to.  But right now lets just focus on this question. A pointed tail is usually called a pin tail.  A rounded tail is just that, a round tail. A rounded surfboard tail is like the default nice all round useful tail.  It does the job nicely on pretty much all sizes of surfboards and works well in all conditions. It doesn’t make anything harder or easier as such, its simply just a good tail. The physical size of the tail and the surfbaord then has its effect to ride of the surfbaord as well. Now, a very slightly pointed surfboard tail is pretty close to the same as a rounded surfboard tail, so there is not much difference there between the 2 tail styles.  But as you make the point more extreme it gives a different effect.  It essentially gives an extended rail to the surfboard that goes past were the back foot can be placed.  What this does is that it makes the surfboard hold a straight line better along the wave.  So the pointier the surfboard tail the easier it will be to keep that surfboard going straighter and fast. This is probably the reason why as time passed the pin tail is now more often found on larger boards used for bigger waves where speed is higher and turns are more drawn out, because the tail shape assists the fins in holding the wave and giving another place for the surfboard to grip the wave. Slightly pointed tails are often used as to make a somewhat standard looking round tail a little nicer to the eye without effecting the ride too much.