Is it better to build up my own scooter or buy a complete off the shelf scooter ?

That depends on everyone’s opinion and budget ! The main advantage of building a Custom Scooter is that you can get exactly what you want.  When you love what you have to ride you tend to take better care of it and will be proud to ride it more, and get better and better - faster ! It can be difficult sometimes to make sure that the components you are choosing on your Custom Scooter will all fit together perfectly, so it is best to come and see (or talk on the phone 03 5248 8822) the team at Numfish to make sure that everything your choosing will fit together. We can even professionally assemble it for you. An off the shelf complete scooter as great as they are will never quite match exactly what you want and in the end most kids will gradually change it in to a custom scooter bit by bit which in the long run costs more.  So if you can manage to build a custom scooter up in one go you will best off in the end.