Is there anything I shouldn’t do with my new complete scooter?

Assuming that you got your complete scooter from Numfish or that it’s a well known brand, it doesn’t mean they are unbreakable and that they can be treated poorly. If scooters are mistreated & thrown around, then somethings bound to go wrong. So, don’t throw your scooter, this can end in cracks, bends or snapping of the product. Parts are not covered under warranty when they are used incorrectly or treated in this manner.  And yes a good scooter store can tell the difference between abuse and use, and so can the manufacturer. Don't ride in the rain or on wet surfaces, through puddles, or on dirt & gravel, because it will ruin your bearings and wheels, and will openly invite rust to all parts of the scooter. You should only be riding your scooter on dry smooth surfaces like concrete! Be mindful that when a rider is learning, there are increased chances of accelerated wear and tear because repetitive actions are common and quite often poor landings are executed, which results in repetitive extreme stresses and bails which see the scooter impact hard items like metal and concrete just like the scooter has been thrown around. Other than that, you should only need to tighten a few things up now & then which is normal maintenance to your scooter! If you need help tightening or servicing your scooter, Numfish are happy to help you with that anytime.