Learn to surf and progress your skills with a soft surfboard

Many people think a foam surfboard or softboard is only useful for a beginner or learner, but this is not so. Yes, they are a great beginner surfboard option but they also can give a lot of growth for budding surfers, and also can provide fun to experienced surfers - especially in the summer when it busy or when with kids. While it's true that the performance will never equal that of a hard surfboard, the other benefits really can make a soft surfboard a great purchase and provide heaps of use and fun. Softboards can take quite a beating and can mostly avoid the issues like sharp edges from dings and knocks that are an issue on a fiberglass surfboard. Even if severe damage is sustained to your softboard they can still be repaired, and you can normally repair it yourself without to much drama. All in all softboards can provide a load of fun at great value for anyone. One thing to bear in mind is any soft surfboard or boogie board type products don’t like extreme heat, so just watch out for that and enjoy a surf. Numfish carry a range of softboards for adults and kids of all ages.