Longboard Surfboard Centre fin Installation and Removal

Removing and installing a longboard surfboard fin is very simple, as long as you have the appropriate equipment and the right fins. OLI Surfboards have standard “US Base” style fin boxes fitted as do a lot of surfboards made in Australia. OLI Longboard fins are also made to the “US Base” standard so its easy to interchange on many surfboards. Sometimes some suppliers use slightly different fin boxes which can cause a fitment issue.  If you have an OLI surfboard and fin supplied from Numfish everything should be straight forward.  Surfboards and Longboard surfboard centre fins are available online and can be shipped Australia Wide. Installation, adjustment and Removal
  • Assuming the fin is not installed to start with, there will be a square nut and a small screw either in the fin box or attached to the fin. Take the screw out with a screw driver and place it aside, then position the square nut in the groove inside the fin box towards the nose of the board.
  • Get the fin and drop the brass pin section down the center gap of the fin box and slide the fin back towards the tail, when the fin is positioned where you want it, lower the front of the fin base down into the slot. Move the square nut as you do this so it lines up with the hole in the fin, so the screw can then be put in the fin and connect to the nut, clamping the fin in place.
  • You will note that as you pushed the front of the fin base down in the slot it fits fairly snug so the fin won’t move around. If you want to re-position the fin you will need to unscrew the screw and lift the front of the fin out of the slot and slide it to the new position and lower it down and re-screw in position.
  • Sometimes the fin is not tight in the fin slot and it will wobble. Don’t worry its common and is easily fixed. Cut a slither of plastic from a milk bottle and position it in the fin slot groove so the fin can be pressed in place with the slither firming it all up.
  • To remove the longboard fin entirely, undo the screw, lift the front of the fin base up and slide the brass pin along the groove and up the centre gap of the fin box, don’t lose the screw and nut !!
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