MGP (Madd Gear Pro) Scooters in Geelong

Madd Gear Pro Scooters are well known for being one of the strongest complete scooters on the market.  They have a massive global presence and with Pro riders in various sports and a great industry support network.  Their signature Scooter design head down tube and neck makes a Madd Gear Pro scooter instantly recognisable.  That in itself has helped Madd Gear Pro (MGP) become a leader in the scooter industry. Numfish Surf and Scoot in Geelong has access to all Madd Gear Pro products and currently ranges a wide selection of MGP complete scooters from the top level Extreme down to the Entry level Kick  X-treme ! So we cover all options are covered from kids starting out to the most extreme Pro level rider! The mechanics and solid nature of MGP have been proven over the recent years,  and little tweaks always keep coming each year to current models  so you can be certain of a quality product from Madd Gear Pro to suit both your style and price point. Get in to Numfish Scooters in Geelong to see and talk about any details of the fantastic Mad Gear Pro Scooter range.