My surfboard has 5 positions for fins, how many fins should I use ?

A surfboard with 5 fin boxes/plug setups gives you options ! You can decide to ride with 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 fins. Without getting caught up in the technicalities and fine details of what each option will do lets quickly summarise what each option might provide to the surfboard and rider on the same board. It is amazing how different a surfboard will handle depending on the number and location of the fins placed on the surfboard. The other factor of course is the size and dimensions of the surfboard you have as well. 0 fins : you will slide all over the place and only have the rails of the surfboard to attempt to control the direction of travel of the board 1 fin : Will provide hold and direction control in a single direction. Wil get a bit boring, but can be a good place to start from when learning to keep it simple. 2 fins : Place one on either side, will give far better control in a turn, but between turns can be loose and a bit slippery. Great fun and if your normally riding 3 fins can be a good way to mix it up for a change. 3 fins : Great all round direction control in turns and in straight line. The default standard since the 1980’s and rightfully so through much experimentation. Power, drive, speed, grip, it does it all. 4 fins : Another tried and tested option that gives great control in turns and straight line, but does give a different feel and enhanced aspects of control in turns compared to 3 fins. You will notice differences in the way power, drive, speed and grip occurs at different parts of the wave compared to a 3 fin setup. 5 fins : Overkill !l, you might find it hard to do anything with this much grip, but hay give it shot. Nothing to lose, only experience to gain!