Now that I’ve purchased a complete scooter, is there any maintenance I need to do?

There is very little maintenance required for a pro kick scooter, it depends on what you have & how it’s treated.   If you have purchased a pro kick scooter from Numfish, then you’ve picked a great complete scooter - So take care of it ! The thing to keep in mind is that scooters take a beating from their normal intended use, like landing from big heights and repetitive impacts, learning riders actually create a lot more damage to scooter components then proficient riders !  The scooter can be stressed far more than people think…. Items which will need tightening over time are, the compression, the clamp, the wheels and the brake. These things can also tend to get over tightened as well, if you have to put a considerable  amount of effort into tightening or loosening something, chances are that it’s over tightened or badly treated. Over tightening can create damage such as crushing wheel bearings, headset bearings  or stripping threads. You should only tighten things up if something seems to wobble or move too much. Always remember that as mechanical items get more wear and tear, they will become noisier and looser. If you’re unsure of how to do these things properly, just bring your scooter into Numfish & we’ll happily help you!