Padded surfboard bags to protect your board!

surfboard bagA padded surfboard bag is a great investment to protect your board, even if it is a softboard. Most boards tend to get damaged when out of the water so you can minimise that chance by sliding your surfboard or softboard into a padded surfboard bag straight after use and take it out just as you  about to go in the water. A padded bag will help prevent damage from bumps and knocks from car doors, doorways, the ground, shed doors etc. and they also help when you use roof racks and strapping to protect your boards. They prevent your board becoming damaged due to UV light and assist in reflecting some of the sun's heat away as well, which will help prolong the life of your board. If you travel with your boards in the car, you can stuff your wet gear inside the bag alongside your board to protect your car's interior from soggy wetsuits and towels too! At Numfish Surf & Scoot, we provide a great range of surfboard bags for most sizes and all at excellent prices, so do yourself a favour and protect your boards, it is well worth it!