Pre-Dial Service

By: Numfish   On: 17 October 2018 

Pre Dial - What is this ?!

Basically its Numfish doing a full 100% check of the scooter that comes from the factory to ensure its all perfect for you the rider to get out of the box and ride it without assembly issues.

Sounds easy. Its not when your at home and you have an issue... we have all the tools and all the bits and experience on hand to solve it before its a problem, so you dont have to worry.

So what do we do ?  Well it might seem pretty simple, its only a scooter afterall ! however we put hundreds of these together every year and know all the tricks and things to watch out for, and we have the tools and extras on hand to fix any niggly issue that presents itself.   So you simply just put the handle bar on and tighten the clamp knowing that everything else has been checked and is all ok with no rattles, squeaks, rubbing, buzzing, creaking or groaning, and everthing spins freely and is correectly adjusted. Some times we even replace bearings, spacers, griptape, handgrips, bar ends or add shims that are needed to ensure correct assembly and safe riding.

Want to know what we do exactly, here it is. 

We Unbox and un pack the scooter, visually check it all, then check and adjust.

Wheel bearings and axles, Brake fitment, wheel free spin/bearing play, grip tape in place correctly, deck plastic inserts are fully inserted and secure, Crack compression open, check headset bearing alignment and fitment, retension compression for play/spin freedom, confirm dust cap is not interfering to the deck headtube, add micro shims if required to get clearance, check compression sleeve shim fitment for snug fit (and not interference fit )for the handlbar (file inside of handle bar if required) or replace sleeve shim with new one, confirm bar fitment to fork, check handgrips and bar ends are ok  

Outsource the potential drama, so all this is done for you.  All you have to do is ride !

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