Pro Kick Scooter Check - Envy 2017 Complete KOS 2017

The KOS (king of Spades) is an outstanding scooter. The ‘Heist’, ‘Soul’ & ‘Charge’ continue to offer different style bars & their own unique colourway, making them as unique as possible as an off the shelf complete scooter. Although this high end model is the best out of the box complete Envy make, doesn’t mean it’s the best scooter for you. Every rider has their own personal preference based on looks, size & the overall feel of the scooter. The KOS range comes with a taller bar at 25.6inches tall x 24inches wide with an oversized clamp making it more interchangeable, and the strongest style fork that Envy make , the ‘SOBV3’, 120mm hollow core wheels which are the lightest wheels available. Last but not least, the colour finish of each complete. KOS Heist coming in Oil Slick (Rainbow), KOS Soul with a Polished Chrome deck & KOS Charge with Galaxy Blue finish deck.  You will wish you could have all 3 they each look so nice!