Pro Kick Scooter Check - Envy 2017 Complete Prodigy 2017

The Prodigy has been and continues to be a great scooter. It continues to be an excellent mid range level complete scooter, targeting intermediate riders in their teens that are still learning but have some skill sets in place. It handles well for starters and also for more experienced riders as well. To make it simple, the Envy Prodigy complete scooter is an superior version of the Colt at 24.5inches tall with 21.5inches wide chromoly bars, Now with 120mm wheels, and a 4.7inch wide x 19.5inch long deck with a Nylon flex brake. The fork compared to the colt is significantly better. Year on year upgrades consists of a stronger bar, lighter weight clamp, deck with cutouts, stronger style fork, bigger wheels, nylon brake as well as much nicer and more detailed colourway options. This really looks like a professional custom scooter that is actually a mid range scooter! An amazing scooter with a long term reputation that speaks for itself.