Pro kick Scooter Check – Sacrifice Flyte 100

The Sacrifice Flyte 100 pro kick scooter is primarily aimed at the younger riders in the sport, here in the shop we generally advise they are most suitable for kids up to about age 10 because its gives the younger age group the best ability to learn and throw big tricks on a scooter while their smaller bodies still dont have the upper body strength of a teenager to handle an average weighted scooter. Although the scooter is rated to hold 100kg, its best suited for small riders so it can cope when big tricks start to happen ! The build quality, finishing and colour options are fantastic. There is sure to be colourway to suit every kids desire. The Sacrifice Flyte 100 pro kick scooter Key Spec Check here really shows how the scooter is designed for the smaller rider and smaller feet of the younger age bracket –
  • Deck width size – 100mm (4inch)
  • Deck length size – 500mm (19.7inch)
  • Bar Size – 550mm x500mm wide
  • Total complete scooter weight – 2.92kg !!!!!
  • The other aspects of the scooter are fairly standard and excellent quality.
Its hard to beat this complete scooter option as a total package , just bear in mind the age bracket and size of the rider.