Pro kick Scooter Check – Sacrifice Flyte 115.

The Sacrifice Flyte 115 scooter is primarily aimed at the young teen and a bit younger. Here in the shop we generally advise they are most suitable for kids between 11 to 14 depending on the individuals physical size. It gives the age bracket 11-14 the best ability to throw a scooter around and attempt big tricks which can also cope with their growing bodies as they gain more strength and a more daring attitude. The build quality, finishing and colour options are fantastic. There is sure to be colourway to suit every riders desire. The Sacrifice Flyte 115 pro kick scooter Key Spec Check here really shows how the scooter is designed for the growing rider – Key Spec Check –
  • Deck width size – 115mm (4.5inch)
  • Deck length size – 520mm (20.5 inch)
  • Bar Size – 600mm x 560m wide
  • Supports – A few extra gussets to strengthen the scooter.
  • Total complete scooter weight – 3.18kg !!!!!
  • The other aspects of the scooter are fairly standard and excellent quality.
The Sacrifice Flyte 115 is a sensational option for a specific age group and can really assist a rider in progressing in tricks quickly just at the age when kids minds get more aggressive and willing to ride harder ! Its difficult to beat this complete scooter option as a total package, just bear in mind the age bracket and size of the rider.