Proto Scooter Wheels

Proto Scooter Wheels are one of the premium scooter wheels available on the market and they are one of the most popular scooter wheels available on the market too.  Made in the USA by Buff Core Technology they have become so popular due to the strength, slow wear rate, and a wide variety of colours and different core options, all backed with a limited warranty. Proto Scooter Wheels offer two core styles to choose from - the full core and spoked core, they are also available in two different types of utherane, a slider (harder) or gripper (softer). The name says it all really, the “Gripper” is grippier and is a softer and smoother utherane, whereas the “Slider” is a harder and stronger utherane. The core and utherane both come in a range of colours and signature wheels which have their unique style to them. Proto Wheels do not come with Bearings so they are an additional purchase.  Numfish Surf and Scoot can fit the bearings for you with a Press.   We have had many riders purchase Proto Scooter Wheels time and time again because they ride  and last well and give fantastic value over time. Sometimes it pays to get the premium item as it really does give great value in the end.