Replacing Scooter Bearings

Remember that bearings are designed to roll.  The sideways forces of scooter riding destroys all scooter wheel bearings so they need to be considered a consumable item of your scooter.   They will wear and make noises as they degrade and finally collapse, so if you don’t want to wear them out then don’t use them but the means no riding of the scooter ! So in other words get used to changing bearings as a part of riding, even better is to get them fitted when buying the bearings at Numfish Surf and Scoot ! Did you know that you should always purchase scooter bearings and not skateboard bearings as they are not quite the same even though appear to be the same to the eye.  We have had a few instances where Skateboard bearings have been installed by customers themselves and they failed really  quickly, and if your spending over $25 for a set of bearings you don’t really want that to happen.  Skateboard wheels are made of PU material and Scooter wheels have a metal core that the bearing fits in to, so stick to getting scooter bearings. Our most popular Scooter bearings at Numfish Surf and Scoot are Root Industries Bearings, followed by Flavor Scooter bearings. So after a long time figuring that out, that’s all we keep now as they are what riders want. Fitting scooter bearings is best done with a press to avoid damage during the installation process, we can fit bearings in store at Numfish Surf and Scoot. We strongly recommend the use of spacers to help support the bearings from sideways forces as much as possible.  Not everyone does fit them because it can be the source of rattles, so every rider can choose to fit them or not. What do you prefer - a possible rattle or scooter bearings to last a bit longer ?