Sacrifice Flyte 100 V2 Complete Scooter - Overview

On: 3 November 2018 

The Flyte 100 Complete Scooter from Sacrifice, has been one of our highest sellers for many years.
They’ve finally brought out the highly awaited V2 model, packed with new colourways & features.

If you’re unaware about the Flyte range, they are one of the lightest scooters on the market.
The Flyte 100 V2 complete scooter is aimed at any young shredder, we recommend it for 10 years & under.
Perfect for any rider getting into the sport with a smaller body shape needing something light that’s easy to progress their riding on.
The newest features other than the amazing new colourways, are the Spy Grips which are a thicker & more durable hand grip that’ll last much longer.
To compliment the scooter is the Spy Double OS clamp, improvements on the quality & overall look.
Topping off the Flyte v2, they now come with a Nylon brake. But what does that mean?
No rattles & noises, just a perfect sounding scooter.

You can pick yours up instore or online now at Numfish!
Be aware, colourways are limited for each month, get in now to save disappointment.

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