Sacrifice Flyte 115 V2 Complete Scooter - Overview

On: 3 November 2018 

The Flyte 115 V2 Complete Scooter

The bigger brother of the Flyte 100 Complete Scooter has brought out new colourways with some upgraded features ready for Christmas!
The Flyte range has been a popular option at Numfish for many years, why you ask?
Because they’re one of the lightest scooters available on the market!
What’s the advantage of that?
The smaller sized kids wanting to learn tricks & progress their riding at the skate park who don’t have the upper strength, this scooter will help weighing at only 3.1kg which is lighter than the rest.
Some of the upgraded features for the V2 Model other than the fresh & vibrant colourways are the new Spy Grips, which now come in mix colourways are a thicker & more durable grip which will last longer & are much easier on the hands & on the eyes! 
The Spy double clamp which we’ve been selling in our store aftermarket, suitable for Aluminium bars which feature on the Flyte range.
Last & certainly not least, the Nylon brake! The one thing that always annoys kids is the sound of their scooter rattling, well that won’t be the case with the Flyte Complete Scooters, and the nylon brake is a plastic brake which eliminates all rattles & nasty sounds.

You can pick yours up instore or online, check out the new colourways!
Be aware, colourways are super limited for each month so get in quick to avoid disappointment.

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