Sacrifice Flyte 120 Scooter Review – What’s different?

On: 14 November 2017 

The newest complete from Sacrifice Scooters is the Flyte 120, what makes this one different?
To summarise it, it’s a bigger & better version of the rest of the Flyte range! The decks 120mm wide allowing more footspace & comfortability, The 120mm wheels which are a fantastic upgrade as they’re a much smoother wheel which allows more clearance, helping you land your tricks a lot cleaner & avoiding any heel drag. They’ve switched up the bars design but kept them in Aluminium which is why the Flyte 120 is such a nice & lightweight scooter, regardless of the bigger sizing. One of the most obvious changes is the 4 beautiful colourways they come in, which are Gold, Blue Neo, Lollipop & the popular Neochrome.

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