Scooter Bars Attributes and Features

The most important attributes and features of scooter bars are the style, height and width.  There are heaps of scooter brands that make scooter handle bars, some brands even have a variety of bar styles and sizes to choose from as well. Bar height and width will depend on your physical size and preference, remember a bigger bar can be trimmed to suit your size, regards height, you just don’t want to be crouching over too much because it could lead to serious back damage, and as for width a good guide is your shoulder width. Bar Shape is basically either a Y shape or T shape.  They may have their small differences in gussets but they’re the main styles. The majority of scooter bars on the market are made out of either 4130 Chromolly or aluminium, the aluminium bars have a thicker tube to achieve adequate strength. So on a technical note, make sure you know if you need standard bars or HIC (oversize) bars. Numfish Surf and Scoot can help your selection options to best suit your scooter and have the most popular choices of Scooter Bars in stock all the time.