Scooter Bearings Pre-Fitted in the Scooter Wheel or is it ok to fit them yourself ?

When it comes to buying a set of scooter wheels, you need scooter bearings too.  Some scooter wheels come with the bearings professionally pre-fitted in the factory.  The great thing about that is everything is properly inserted and the correct bearings and spacers are used to suit the specific wheel, its always 100% ready to put on any scooter without a problem and without any rattles. Some scooter wheels come with no bearings fitted.  Its great because you can select the bearings you prefer but  it’s a separate cost to buy the scooter bearings and they need to be inserted at your risk too.  This is where people often choose to not use spacers to ensure no rattles, however that means the bearing may not last as well from wear and tear. Scooter Bearings can easily be messed up within the process of inserting them because of how they are being put in. If they are not pressed in its 95% likely they will be damaged before you have even rolled on them.   Different tolerances on the wheels and bearings between manufacturers can make fitment easy or harder depending on the actual items you have.  The majority of the time, we are able to insert scooter bearings with our press , the only risk is a rattle that can happen as the spacer is moving. What scooter wheels and scooter bearings to use is a personal choice for every rider and we are happy to assist you with any scooter wheel and scooter bearing setup. Numfish Surf and Scoot have a great range of scooter wheels and bearings all the time.