Scooter Brakes in Geelong

A scooter brake is a piece of metal that guards over the top of your back scooter wheel, it’s main purpose is to stop accidental contact between the riders foot and the wheel, without one it can lead to an easy crash because the back of your foot can get caught on a moving wheel sending you flying! Of course a brake works as a brake as well, by pushing it down on the back scooter wheel - the rate of wear to a scooter brake depends on the size of the brake and the wheel; how often its used; and of course the great unknown is the knocks and hits it takes from riding and crashes. Most scooter brakes don’t get covered by a warranty due to the nature of the item and its intended use. If you get more than a few months from it that’s pretty good going ! We have a wide selection of the most commonly asked for Scooter brakes in stock all the time in our Geelong Scooter Shop, keeping brands such as Sacrifice, APEX, Flavor, Ethic, Fasen and Envy. Changing a brake can be simple and fast but sometimes it can be a long job due to the deck condition and the brake. Things like threaded and rounded out bolts and bent and twisted decks can make it an almost impossible task at times. Click here to see a pile of clips about scooter brakes. If you need help come and see us in our Geelong Scooter Shop.